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    "Display_driver_igfx_stopped_responding _and_has_successfully_recovered" on vista with a Mobile_Intel(R)_965_ Express_Chipset _Family Video Card




      I am an happy user of a Samsung Q45 (see the attached report for details of my configuration)



      The problem I had initially with the Samsung video driver ( June 6, 2007) and I still have with the one of intel ( March 05, 2009), it’s while using an application, after a while the application stops, the screen becomes black, then it appears the message error 'Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered' OR 'Display driver igfx stopped responding and has successfully recovered'.

      After this, Windows vista automatically brings me back to my desktop and the windows of the application stays black. After I have to go through the task manager to stop it and restart it, losing all my work. That’s a major issue.

      Even with the Intel new driver that happens sometimes, but so much less.


      During my internet research:

      - I found out that this error is related to the Intel graphics system and is much more likely to occur when system memory is running low; while playing graphics intense video games or using video or graphics applications, which is my case.


      - the error 'display driver igfx has stopped responding and has fully recovered' is an extremely common issue with Vista and can happen with any video card installed. Some companies like HP have a video card update for this kind of error.


      More specifically, the problem is that Microsoft allows vista '2 seconds' to locate the video driver, but video card manufacturers(Intel, ATI, NVIDIA) allow 5 seconds for the OS to find it, thus after 2 seconds the screen goes black and a few seconds later it recovers. Microsoft says they will not change the OS to adapt to the way the video cards respond. They are making the manufacturers of the video card figure out an update on their own, which hasn't happened as of yet. Today is April 24 2009, this problem is apparently known since 2007 and I don't know if your last version of chipset / video drivers would solve the problem.


      Could you help me please?





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