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    Do G31 Chipset support Presler?

      Anyone that know about the above compatibility? I got one ASROCK G31M-S board, tried to install it using Presler processor, but no luck. The system won't boot; processor & memory works fine on other board. According to ASROCK, this G31M-S support Pentium D (Presler), see http://www.asrock.com/mb/cpu.asp?Model=G31M-S&s=n, but this is the second board that i can't get to boot using the Presler.  (The first board was replaced, i thought the board broken). Already emailed ASROCK TS, according to them it should work, but i checked Intel's website for this chipset (G31), but got no info that G31 chipset support Presler, or ASROCK modified their chipset?

      Anyone succeed in installing Presler to G31, please help.


      Thank You