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    Intel Xeon E5405: Compatibility with our new system

      Hello Everyone

      I have tried real hard to find the answer to this question before I resorted to bringing it to your attention.  Since I have failed, here goes...


      I am purchasing the following system:



      It has the following motherboard:



      The above linked page has the following information:




      LGA 1366 Socket
      Intel® Core™ i7-965 Extreme Edition
      Intel® Core™ i7 series
      Intel® Xeon® 5500 series
      Intel® Xeon® 3500 series


      I am intending on purchasing this processor:



      OK.  Since CPU has to have the "LGA 1366" socket, and the "Intel® Xeon® 5500" series processor is listed as one of the supported choices of processors, can I assume that the Intel® Xeon® E5405 that I want to purchase is of the required LGA 1366 Socket and will therefore work on our new system?


      Your help on this matter is greatly appreciated.


      Steven P. Ulrick