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    ICH10R Capacity Expansion

      I have a MSI board with the ICH10R chipset built in. I've tried on two separate occasions to expand my RAID 0 array. The first time it somehow managed to erase my c:\boot directory. After reinstalling windows, the new drive was seen and data on the drive was fine, all was well. So I try it again, after making a copy of my boot directory, the storage console goes through the data migration all day and finishes seemingly without an issue. I'm running windows server 2008 x64, I go into disk management and don't see the newly created space. Which is fine, happened the last time I expanded the array. So I restart, chkdsk runs through the drive and I get back into windows. I see the new space I can expand the volume to fill in the disk manager. However when I go to look at the contents of the drive about 60% of the data is corrupted. Movies won't play, pdf's won't render, etc...What am I doing wrong? I assume there's no way to recover the data that's corrupted, but I was under the impression the 10R would let you do online capacity expansion. I have a few more disks I plan on adding to the array, but not if this happens every time.