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    Will a DX58SO accept a D0 CPU?

      Will a DX58SO accept a D0 CPU without any BIOS upgrades?

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          no, most models released are incompatible with the D0 release, sorry.

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            Plug-n-Pray my friend! If it doesn't fit, you must RMA.


            i7-920 - Minimum BIOS to boot D0 stepping: 3828

            i7-950 & i7-975 - Minimum BIOS to boot D0 stepping: 4014


            More Info: HERE


            Good luck!

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              Refer to this community thread for more information: http://communities.intel.com/message/23222#23222



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                Did I wake up the dead here in this forum??? It seems these questions were put up in April, I sign up yesterday and post a response after over a month going by and nobody responding to any DX58SO questions. All of a sudden, there are responses after my posts by others. Looks like it's a good thing I showed up, I guess others must agree that Intel should be ashamed that such a stupid situation has occured here with the D0 stepping dilemma.

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                  Now if we can only shake loose anyone that has actually had hands on experience with successfully booting into 'SETUP' with any of the D0 stepped Core i7 CPUs, on a DX58SO, under a lessor BIOS than that which the CPU is officially meant to be recognized by the board.


                  Best Wishes

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                    My question exactly.............


                    As a matter of fact, I asked the same in another post around here.


                    Intel only has one (1) Slot 1366 motherboard on the market and it doesn't work with their own CPU. Intel better make it a priority to ****** up all those older relelased motherboards still unsold and exchange them for updated versions because issues like this one in particular are inexcusable for a company as big as Intel. I wanted to purchase this board myself and now my new Core i7 build is held up while either I find another mobo or wait until some solution occurs.

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                      Unfortunately, time waits for nobody and my Core i7 setup was incomplete and I needed a motherboard to complete my system. I wanted this board originally, but after wondering whether my D0 porocessor will work along with a host of other issues this reference board has been having, I decided to play it safe so I purchased a Foxconn BloodRage instead and I'm so happy I went that direction. Besides being a superior, more maturely developed motherboard, the quality level of the construction along with the better sound adapter, SAS controller, cooling system and overclock abilities make this board leaps and bounds beyond the Intel DX58SO reference model. It's a sad day when a small company like Foxconn can produce 5 Slot 1366 motherboards that wipe the floor with the Intel DX58SO. Things like this should never occur and in my opinion show that Intel's motherboard producing division of the company is in deep trouble looking ahead to the future. My guess is that Intel will fold in the mobo market down the road, unable to keep up with the bigger motherboard players like EVGA for example. Maybe it's time for Intel to step down and focus instead on what they do best, make processsors.........


                      PS - Newegg's got an OPEN BOX of the Intel DX58SO that's been sitting out there for almost 2 weeks if anyone's interested for only $169.....

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                        I know it is too late for this reply, but from my personal experience with this board and D0 stepping i7-920 CPU, I have been using BIOS version 3044 successfully.

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                          Hello Ladies and Gentleman. I'm new to the forums here, but a seasoned system builder. This is the first time I've had a problem with an Intel product and thats what brought me here today. I'll skip the gory details,but here goes.

                          I just picked up a DX58SO and also bought an I920 D0 SLBEJ not realizing this was a problem. Of course I can't post.  My board is a AA E29331-503 and if I'm reading correctly this board has a bios of 3435.

                          My Evga X58 also has an I920 in it SLBCH (non D0). My question is, if I swap cpu's will I be able to post on the DX58SO with my SLBCH. According to the compatability chart I think the answer is yes, however before I rip apart 2 computers (Both have CoolerMaster V8's so the boards have to come out) I would like some input from you guys who have been going through there issues much longer than me. Thanks for the help !

                          PS And to think I asked the clerk to look through 199 920's and find me a D0.......GRrrrrrrrrrrrr !

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                            bios 3828 is the minimum for D0, so the answer is "no".    

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                              I isntalled a D0 (950) in the DX58SO. The BIOS out of the box was old and did not support D0 but easy enough to flash the BIOS to the latest. I made a boot CD prior to installing the hardware of course. The older boards will let you access BIOS features with a D0 installed but I wouldn't have liked to try installing the OS before updating. If memory serves me correctly, it was the same board revision and BIOS as Joe's above.

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                                Back in mid-June/July I bought 920 D0 and Intel DX58SO and it worked just fine.

                                I wasn't even aware I might have to worry about either, I'd waited until then for D0

                                and for more updates, and for Windows 7 RC which is what I loaded on it.

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                                  Just checked my board revison and it's actually an older 501 which just made the cut. I've read a lot of misinformation and scare material about D0 compatibility and the BIOS update but to be honest I found it a quick and painless process. I've flashed the BIOS a couple of times since the first update, using the new F7 flash method (which is even easier). During the BIOS update procedure the computer will restart itself and be careful not to turn the power off.


                                  This issue is also not unique to Intel. Many other manufacturers have released D0 BIOS updates. This processor revision wasn't around when the first X58 boards appeared and I don't see it that big a deal to simply flash to newer BIOS.

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                                    Well actualy it is a big deal to some folks as I get no post...nothing...nada...zipp. The lights are on, the fans spin up, however all I got is a blank, black screen. All the parts in the Intel build are used except the mobo and the I920 so I know nothing else is at fault. My original question was, can I use a non D0 I920 taken from my Evga X58 build and put it on my Intel ver.503 board. I think I'm reading right that the 503's came with bios #3435 and if I'm correct and the stars are in alignment I should be able to boot the board as minimum the bios for a non D0 cpu is #2127. Am I correct ??



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