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    DG43NB BIOS 77 Graphics Driver


      I recently upgraded the BIOS in a DG43NB board (running WinXP Pro) from 74 to 77 to solve a problem with ME causing reboot.  Burn went okay and the original problem disappeared.  Now, I have a new problem.


      When I log into WinXP Pro, I get the standard message "new hardware was found" and "Intel G45/G43 chipset."  The Device Manager shows two new graphic controllers without supporting drivers.  I downloaded the latest graphic driver GFX_XP32_14.38.3.5047_PV_Intel and tried to install it.  Toward what appears to be the end of the installation, I get a blue screen implicating the new driver file, and the system reboots.  Fortunately, it runs okay thereafter but apparently without the new driver having been installed.  I found a workaround:  Disable (not uninstall) the two new drivers in the Device Manager, and the system stops complaining at login.


      From the frequency of new versions of the BIOS (and a missing version 76), it seems that Intel is still not ready for prime time with this board's BIOS.  Is anyone else suffering from the same problem?

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          Yes, I have an Intel DG965OT motherboard and I recently installed Windows 7. Now I have a problem with a code 43 on my NVIDIA 8600 GT display.  It was working OK before I upgraded to Windows 7.  Upgrading all my chipset drivers and display drivers will not fix the Code 43. NVIDIA asked me to upgrade my BIOS but Intel says they will not have a Win 7 BIOS update for mymother board - it is ony 2 years old.  Why not? I have no idea. y next motherboard will be an Asus not an Intel.