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    Distorted Red Lines on DQ45CB


      Q DShortly after purchasing the DQ45CB Desktop Board and Q8200 Processor, I also upgraded my LCD Monitor to Samsung 20", model number 2033SW.  From that point onwards I have been experiencing a problem where the Intel splash screen appears with distorted redlines across the entire display - this sometimes disappears the moment the bootloader starts but other times remains in place, and I have have to restart (see attachment for short video file).


      I ruled out the Operating System and concluded that it must be the LCD Monitor - the supplier exchanged the LCD with an identical item.  This unfortunately did not resolve the problem - I then updated the BIOS to the latest version but this also did not resolve the issue.  Using an external Graphics card also did not resolve this issue.


      When I connected a 17" CRT Monitor to the Motherboard the lines disappeared and all appeared to be fine - when I again connect the LCD the distorted red lines again appear.  The resolution on the LCD is 1600x900 which is well within the specs of the GMA4500 onboard graphic subsystem.


      Can anyone please offer any explanation or solution for my predicament?