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    Active Cooler for Xeon X9492 (150W)



      I can't find any active 4 HE cooler for this socket that can be usable with the 150W X9492 Xeon.

      Does someone knows a manufacturer and the model ? Thank's a lot.

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          Xeon x9492? Don't think it exists.

          Maybe you mean the Xeon X5492 in which case its going to be hard since these processors seem to be only OEM and i doubt that you'll find a fan-heatsink that meets the 150W requirements on the retail space.




          X5482 C0 stepping is also 150W and is the Xeon 'version' of the Core 2 Extreme QX9775 which is used on the skull trail platform but this platform , althought the processor is a 771 socket, it uses a 775 socket mounting so normal 775 heatsinks can be used on it.