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    DX58SO CPU Socket Replacment?




      I have a broken pin on my DX58SO LGA 1366 cpu socket. Can the socket be replaced? If so, who does this type of work?



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          Hello tjg,


          We regret to inform you that the motherboard's socket cannot be replaced since they are circuitry integrated into the motherboard.

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            Hi Dan,


            Thank you for that answer.


            I've contacted several firms that rework circuit boards and they indicated that it could be done. What can you tell me about the LGA 1366 socket integrated circuitry that I can pass on for them to reevaluate their claims?


            The existing socket has some bent pins and a broken pin. The socket needs to be replaced for the board to work again. Rather than discard the board that worked fine otherwise, I'm inclined to give it a try if the firms will guarantee their work, which they do. I don't see that I have anything to lose. I understand Intel doesn't repair boards, but I don't think it can't be done unless there is something that I and the firms that claim they can do it don't know. Perhaps they replaced cpu socket before, but not a LGA 1366 socket on a DX58 series motherboard.


            Thanks again for the information.