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    Kbd & mouse stopped working in WinXP after upgrade of DX58SO to 3504


      I have a new DX58SO motherboard with 6GB of Corsair memory running Windows XP.  The initial BIOS version was 2127 (initial).  I used the Integration Assistant to download and upgrade to BIOS version 3504.  The download was successful, it rebooted and said it successfully wrote 3504.  Upon restart, my keyboard and mouse would not function in Windows (pressing F2 during POST did allow me to enter setup and it confirmed BIOS was at 3504).  I tried Loading Optimal Default and it made no difference.  Also, the video card appeared to be in a different resolution than prior to the upgrade (I normally run 1600x1200 and it appeared to be 800x600 or 1024x768).  In Safe mode with networking, the mouse functioned and the video resolution seemed right, but the keyboard did not function.  Another oddity I noticed with 3504 is that when I pressed F2, it displayed the RAID driver screen, then reset and displayed the splash screen again.  When I pressed F2 again, it displayed the RAID screen and then went into setup.  In other words, it seemed to do the POST twice before going into setup..


      I decided I would try downloading the 2127 .BIO file to a flash drive and do a recovery.  I pressed F7 during POST to load the original BIOS.  After it successfully wrote 2127 to flash, I restarted and Windows functioned properly (i.e., my keyboard, mouse and video worked as they did prior to the upgrade).


      Are these known problems with 3504?  I did the upgrade because I'm planning to switch to RAID mode and there appeared to be numerous fixes as well as SATA performance improvements mentioned in the newer BIOS versions.  If this is a known problem, is there a workaround that would allow me to run 3504?  Is there a version between 2127 and 3504 that I should use instead?


      Any help you can provide would be apprecaited.



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          No I didn't.  I thought about trying that, but I'm nervous about getting into an unrecoverable state.  (I've seen others post that they weren't able to recover after an upgrade.)  So, I wanted to see if there were any known problems and if so, which BIOS version the problems began..  I also thought about trying again using F7 at POST to upgrade to 3504 as I saw others saying you should never upgrade the BIOS from Windows (even thoughit gave every indication that it worked while it was flashing).



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            Ok, I decided to get over my paranoia about lack of BIOS recovery (that others have reported).  I first proved that I could do BIOS recovery by removing the jumper and flashing 2127.


            Then, I tried upgrading to 2786 using express (as recommended) and it worked (i.e., Windows booted and functioned normally).  Next, I tried 3044 and it also worked.  Next, I tried 3301 and it failed.  I'm thinking 3435 would also fail for me given 3504 failed.


            Oddly enough, the symptom I saw with 3301 and also with a subsequent test of 3504 was a hang at the RAID BIOS screen (right after the Intel splash screen during POST).  Pressing F2 during the splash screen did nothing because it doesn't enter setup until after the RAID screen.


            In the release notes, it talked about loading setup defaults with 3301.  So, I powered off and put the BIOS jumper in maintenance mode with 3301.  This allowed me to get into setup (it started setup immediately).  I did a "Load Defaults", then saved/exited.  When I powered off, put the jumper back in the normal position and powered on, it still hung on the RAID screen.  I don't even have any RAID arrays defined as I only have 1 drive installed.


            At this point, I guess I'll live with 3044 and hope that I never need to update the BIOS to correct a problem (or that they fix whatever isn't working with my system).


            If anyone has any other ideas, I'd be happy to hear them.  If anyone from Intel is reading this and you want more information so you can try to recreate the problem, let me know that too.

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              i think that you may have to give Intel a call or send them an e-mail. Perhaps its something known to them and they may already be working on a fix.



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                I spoke to "Adolfo" via online chat and he indicated they aren't aware of this issue.  One would think this would cause them to gather more information and try to recreate it.  I don't think E-mail is an option according to their Web site.  I was hoping that someone from Intel monitored this forum and would respond (apparently, this doesn't occur too frequently).  Perhaps I'll try chat again.


                Thanks OJ..