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    DVD Writer Problem when write. on new DX48BT2


      My LG DVD writer slow down computer and fail the write when any software try to write a CD or DVD disk. The reading is OK. Any of you get similar problem?

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          Hi there,


          Unfortunately, i did not get any problem with the burning software.

          I have used a DX48BT2 (latest bios) with a compatible CPU & memory on the tested list.
          Optical Drive SATA: Lite ON
          Windows Vista 32 bit
          Nero Software to test and Power Iso as well
          Hard drive connected to first two sata ports
          Optical drive connected to last sata ports.
          Bios Settings SATA configured as IDE/RAID


          Try to test your optical drive
          Website: http://www.cdspeed2000.com/


          Try to test your system with another Optical Drive.


          Other than this, i dont have any other suggestions.


          Kind Regards,