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    Incompatible drive when expanding raid 5 array




      I have an EVGA X58 SLI Motherboard. I have had it in a raid 5 array with 3 1TB Western Digital GreenPower Hard drives.  Recently I went to expand the storage adding another 1 TB drive to the array. To do so i installed the drive, went into the Intel Straoge Matrix manager and right clicked my volume selected modify used the wizard to expand the storage. It then migrated data for some 20 hours and then when completed said i would need to re-start my computer to recoganize the extra space.


      When I re started my computer the POST screen where it shows the condition of your drives in the volume has chaned from array member in green to Incompatibel Drive in red! The system does not recoganize the volume partitions and i cannot boot.


      Since then i have loaded a hard drive with an install of win XP 32 bit and installed it to my system. I can boot to this drive and i have installed the Storage Matrix Manager software and whats odd is that the software recognizes my Volume0 and shows it as normal.


      To see if i could get my Volume bootable i have since removed one of the hard drives but upon boot it still shows the 3 remaining drives as incompatible. so i re installed the drive booted to the backup OS and now Storage Matrix manager is taking 50 hours to re build the array.


      I have searched online but cannot find an explination of "Incompatible Drive" anywhere. Does anyone have any suggestions?