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    Random Idea


      I just read an article from Intel about their biosensors and how many other companies are also making these chips that can check blood preasure, temp, glucose levels and many other things from a small blood sample. What i have in mind is some way to use that technology to use maybe a small stent with bluetooth conectivity inserted into a veign or artery that could contstantly be taking data from heart rate, blood preasure, tempurature, down to the nutrients that are in your blood. and using a program on your cell phone with bluetooth capabilities desifer that raw data and display in a nice user interface that you could check anytime of the day.

      it doesn't seem like a very far-fetched idea to me with the technologies we have at the moment. but ii'm in no position to do anything about it and just thought you might enjoy the idea and maybe some one important will get something like this started