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    maximum RAID size




      I would like to ask if Intel motherboards have a size limitation of RAID or it is unlimited (I mean there is no TOP limit). For example S3200 series. Is it possible e.g. to have 6 x 2TB = 12 TB in RAID 5 so the final size of the RAID volume would be 11 TB? Thanks for any response.

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          i don't think they have an upper limit BUT... remember that the BIOS will only be able to Boot from a volume which uses MBR and MBR in itself has a limitation that only the first 2TB of the volume will be usable. the remaining won't be available for creating partitions.

          The only way to use the entire volume would be to convert the Volume (the virtual raid disk) to GPT (needs compatible OS, XP 32 doesn't work with it) but this has the implication that the BIOS won't be able to boot from this volume.