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    965GM - WinXP Extended Desktop - External Monitor Cannot be Primary


      I have a Apple MacBook4,1 (Late 2008). According to the Chipset Identification utility, it has a 965GM graphics controller.


      When I use the Intel Graphics control panel to switch to Extended Desktop mode, it displays dropdown menus to select the primary and secondary device. I would like to use the external monitor as the primary (the one with the taskbar, etc.), but the control panel will only allow me to select the built-in as the primary.


      I don't think the external monitor is incapable of being primary, since it works fine if I set it to Single Monitor using the external.


      I'm using the Intel GMA driver. According to the Intel page I downloaded it from today, the version number is According to the Windows Device Manager, the version number is I think this is these are the bundle and specific driver versions respectively, but I don't know.


      Am I doing something wrong, or is this a limitation of the chipset? Should I be using a different driver?