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    temperature problem on DG43NB (BIOS?)


      I have a new DG43NB motherboard with a Q9400 CPU running Vista 64.


      After using my board for 1 week, I upgraded my BIOS revision from 0054 (2008 8 13) to the latest available on the web:  0077 (2009 3 16). Imediattly after my update my Processor Thermal Margin started failing a few times each minute. I had to turn off the alerts becasue they are driving me crazy. The fan speed is now ramping up and down constantly. I know the prossesor is not really hot, because the gauge (Intel Desktop Utilities) jumps from 69C to Zero, then back. Either my sensor is bad, or more likely this new BIOS has a bug.


      How do I get an old version of BIOS to test if it fixes the temp proble?


      If BIOS is not the problem, what else could cause a CPU/motherboard to start reporting bad temperatures? Sensor? Bad CPU connection? Is it usual for a problem like this to surface after a week?


      If the mothorboard sensor died, does Intel warranty the board?

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          I'm having a similar problem with one of my DG45ID boards (with E7300).  You can hear the fan constantly reving up and down and when I look in the BIOS, it revs up every time you enter hardware monitoring and revs back down when you leave.  It also claims that the CPU temperature is PROCHOT 60 degress, but it doesn't seem to be actually running hot.  Also, I checked in Windows and the processor is not using high resources.

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            Hi there,


            Actually on all new Intel desktop boards, there is a new features called ProcHot and it is the CPU Die temperature. It is within the range of 0 < Temperature < -100 Celsius.


            ProcHot means:
            temperature at which the CPU will start throttling itself in order to remain cool enough. Throttling means skipping clock cycles.


            If it is showing ProcHot -21 C, it indicates that the cpu have 21 degrees to go to make the cpu to start throttling itself.


            If it returns 0, the CPU will assert prochot and start throttling.


            The new Intel Desktop Utilities use the same principle to calculate the temperature and display it in the chart/diagram.

            Website: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&Inst=Yes&ProductID=2780&DwnldID=17223&strOSs=44&OSFullName=Windows*XPProfessional&lang=eng


            So what you can do, check the CPU temperature in the BIOS, from Advanced >> Hardware Monitoring.


            Check the Thermal Specification for the CPU if it is still within the range of operation.
            Get your CPU sl number and search in the link below.
            Website: http://processorfinder.intel.com/default.aspx


            If it is much over the range then, check the following:

            Do a CMOS clear and Download the latest latest and update it thru reocvery mode
            Make sure that you have a PSU Atx Version 2.2 at least.
            Make sure that the chassis is TAC - Thermally Advantage Chassis
            Check for proper aeration in the chassis. (cable)
            Re-integrate the cpu with new small amount of thermal paste (clean the cpu before)

            Check and test the system out of the chassis and see if it behaves the same way


            Hope this helps a bit.


            Kind Regards,


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              At the bottom of  the bios download section of the intel page for the board there is a link to the archive version of the bios updates.

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                Thanks to kraekan for the advice on finding old BIOS!


                I chose an older BIOS 0060 (2008 9 12) and downgraded from 0077 (2009 3 16).


                It fixed the problem completly! I no longer have fans ramping up and down and CPU temp is no longer being mis-read and then fixing itself.


                This is strong evidence that the latest BIOS 0077 (2009 3 16) has a bug. My configuration is:


                * DG43NB motherboard

                * Q9400

                * Vista 64

                * 4G DDR2 PC6400

                * SATA 500G HD (West Dig)

                * SATA Sony DVD burner


                My bet is this bug only shows itself with Vista 64 and maybe with the Q9400, otherwise everyone would be complaining. The fan ramping was very anoying.

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                  Same experience here. DG43NB/Q9550/4GB/Vista 32 with win7 dual boot. My old BIOS is 0069. Once I upgraded to 0077, Vista 32/IDU kept giving high temperature alert.


                  I tried installed Fan and HeatSink with the best thermal paste multiple times. A lot of work.

                  recovery BIOS to 0069 is not working at all. I have to recovery back to 0060 to fix it.

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                    After purchasing a PC with system board from a system builder I went through the motions of applying updates. All the Driver updates went well. The BIOS was my last update. The board had 0054 so I applied the BIOS update from 0054 to 0077 which was the latest on Intel's site. It looked like a textbook update but after it booted, I had a machine with fans that were continually spinning up and down for no reason. The Desktop Utility was also showing alerts as constantly as what I was hearing. Talk about annoying when it's in a quiet room.


                    Since it was only a few days old, I took it back to the builder. Rather than messing around with fan seating and thermal grease, he just gave be a new board. Now it's as quiet as a churchmouse like it was before the 0077 update. The new board also had BIOS 0054 and I'm content to leave it there until Intel gives us a 77+ BIOS that works.


                    I appreciate the workarounds this forum offered where we now know how we can back down to a previous level. I am surprised that Intel has not pulled the download or put a warning on it. The board has a lot of attractive features. It's a shame that its reputation is still dropping as a result of problem like this one.


                    I would just ask that this message stream be updated when we have a fix confirmed.

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                      Thanks reporting about using bios 60 to update. It finally allowed me to upgrade the bios from the orginal. Hopefully future bios updates will be easier.

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                        Thanks for reporting about using bios 60 to update. Using version 60 finally allowed me to upgrade the bios from the orginal. Hopefully future bios updates will be easier.

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                          Is anyone BIOS v77 without experiencing the constant fan problems? It's been mentioned that going back to BIOS v60 fixed the cooling alert problem that surfaced after coming up on v77. For those that did this, is v60 the level that your DG43NB is still on or did you discover that you could update to V77 only if coming up from v60?


                          I am in a holding pattern with the out-of-the-box BIOS v54 active.

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                            Yes, I have two new DG43NB motherboards.  With the factory BIOS the fans behaved normally.  When updated to the 0077 BIOS, the fans cycle constantly.  Cannot deliver to the customer that way.  Is there a solution?

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                              Just a side note on this problem with the 77 BIOS, in our environment, if a USB thumb drive is plugged in, then the fan cycling goes away.  Interesting!?!

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                                Are the Intel engineers reading this thread?

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                                  Hi Gary,


                                  Since i can see that this post is getting longer and longer, i will try to replicate the issue next week with all different bios and will let you know the results. It seems very interesting. Personally, i think that the bios misreads and miscalculates the temperature readings. I will test it next week. Let me know if you want me to try as well, i will be glad to help.


                                  Kind Regards,


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                                    Thanks for the observation that the cycling problem goes away when a thumb drive is plugged into the USB port.  It fixed my problem and drives are cheap now.  Thanks again.

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