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    X25-E SSD ... new "trim" ata command ?

      I know that for the MLC version, the X25-M, Intel has come out with a firmware update to support the new proposed ATA "trim" command, but what about the SLC drive, the X25-E ?


      In some ways one could say there's less of a need for the "trim" command on the X25-E, because it is so fast, faster than the X25-M, but I'm in no rush to make a purchase. And I'd hate to buy something that will be obsolete a few months later... replaced by something a bit better.


      So, are there any plans to offer a firmware update for the X25-E ? Or will there soon be an updated version of the X25-E product, that supports the "trim" command ? that is to say, command ATA8-ACS2.