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    D945GCLF - Can't load Windows.


      I have a PC using the the D945GCLF motherboard.  It came with a HDD loaded with Linux (Ubuntu) - and boots fine.


      I have tried to install Windows XP Pro from CD (full version - not oem) - but the installation always stalls.  I have tried 40+ times over the past few days.


      The problem is that I get to the screen 'setup is starting windows'.


      This what I have tried:


      1.  Three diferent CDs of Win XP Pro.  Two with ServicePack 2 and one with ServicePack 3.  All full, legal versions - not OEM.

      2.  Three different HDDs.  I have tried using both the SATA ports on the board as well as the IDE connector.

      3.  Two different SATA cables.


      (Incidentally the HDD is always recognised in BIOS).


      4.  I've updated the BIOS to the latest version.


      I have checked the web for solutions - but there is nothing obvious.  It does seem to me that there is a possibility I need to load drivers during the Windows install (when it prompts to press F6 to add RAID or SCSI drivers) - but is this the case?  If so - where do I get them from?  Will they need to be 'slipstreamed' onto a CD with WinXP?


      Many thanks.

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          I believe you may be running into a variant of the problem that these boards seem to somehow get into a state where they can't identify any non-CD drive as bootable. I don't know the Windows installer that well any more, as we mainly use FreeBSD and CentOS, but it sounds like the point where it is switching from the CD-based system to a nascent install on the hard drive.



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            Jef - many thanks for the reply.  I went all around the houses on this problem - and eventually replaced the motherboard.  At that point I noticed another issue.  The orginal MB was in a PC I bought from Tranquil PC here in the UK.  The power supply they use is an external 'brick' and they have jury-rigged a wire on the back of the MB to enable a single 6 contact connector to supply power to the MB.  Really not sure whether this is a smary idea or not.  I'd had enough of their customer service (PC had already been returned for other issues) - so I've re-worked the power suplly and now all seems fine.


            In retrospect - think you could be right about the CD drive and booting - but at the cost of a new MB - the probelm is now solved.

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              I have the same problem, yesterday I bought a D945GCLF motherboard and tried to install Windows XP on it, the installation stalls I it goes to the "blue screen of death", I tought it was a problem with the CD, but I would like to know if this is an issue of the motherboard, I need to run windows on it and I would rather to use Windows XP not Vista.


              Thank you

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                jorgeaya, I had a blue screen of death problem when reloading Windows Serer 2003 (I know, server products are not supported...) on a DG43NB motherboard. My workaround was to go into the BIOS and disable the dual core function and then load the operating system. It worked. After getting the major Service Pack updates, I re-enabled the dual core function. All is well.

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                  It may be useful to link this site and share this information:



                  I have a very old WinXP Pro CD that doesn't have SP2/3 slipstreamed and it didn't work on the D945GCLF, confirming his last comment and the error/blue screen.


                  "When trying to install Windows XP, make sure you’re installing it with SP2 or SP3 slipstreamed in. The install will fail with the original Windows XP or with SP1 (you’ll get a blue screen complaining about pci.sys)."