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    D945GCLF "aggressive memory settings" and frozen bios


      I experimented with the "aggressive memory settings" option and of course the system did not boot, and it seems I cannot clear the CMOS.  I unplugged the machine, and powered on in the 2/3 pin configuration -- nothing.  Unplugged machine, removed CMOS battery, waited one minute, replaced CMOS battery, and still nothing.  Changed memory stick.  Still nothing.  Researching this problem also discovered that the "wake on lan" setting will destroy power supplies (I went through two really cheap power supplies using this board so far.  Running good on a UPS and a brand name PS.


      If I can't fix this, I would really like a jumper setting to see the BIOS not flashable (due to sick script kiddies) in future motherboards.  The power supply option to wake on LAN should not be enabled by default if there is a power supply corruption problem, and their should be a warning in the bios screen page if this is possible.  That's my wish list, I will probably buy another one of these boards and keep it off the internet if the BIOS is not flash proof from script kiddies in Windows.  A list of "approved memory sticks" would help if there is an "aggressive memory setting".


      I don't think there is anything wrong with the board, but it will probably end up in the trash because I hate returning things (they'll just put it on the shelf for someone else to get all frustrated trying to get it to work).