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    Desktop utilities reports wrong memory speed


      Hi all,


      This is my first post - hope I've got the right board. I have question maybe someone can answer. On a new DH77EB, I install 1600 RAM, changed the profile to XPM 1600 and the BIOS reports it (on the home page correctly). It boots fine, but Desktop Utilities still reports the two memory modules as 1333 (correctly installed, I think) in the Channel A Dimm1 and Channel B Dimm1 slots (both blue).


      How can I tell what speed the memory is actually running?


      Unrelated note: I bricked two DZ77BH55k boards whilst updating the BIOS and Intel says to call them next time since sometimes the BIOS has to be updated in steps. I'm waiting on the RMA system to get the second board back and purchased this less expensive one as a backup. Along the way, I had a problem with NewEgg fraudulently telling me I'd damaged the CPU socket pins (first board) and then reversing that and claiming it was a mistake-but only after I'd discovered they do this to just about anyone trying to RMA a board in the first 14 days (google on 'newegg damaged cpu pins' for more stories). Lesson learned - always RMA back to Intel.