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    DZ77BH-55K Bios update 0097; CPU HOT


      After updating my DZ77BH-55K from Bios 0057 to 0097, I have a no post situation.  The CPU_HOT light on the board is RED and the computer just BEEPS.  This update worked on 1 other computer but has failed on 2 others I have tried.


      CPU: i7-3770

      RAM: G.Skill F3-12800CL10Q-32GBZL   (4x8GB)


      I would like a real solution since I have 13 of these boards and am getting random bluescreens, I believe due to an issue fixed in BIOS 0096 "-Fixed issue where memory voltage is too low."  I need to not RMA all the boards when this update fails.



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          BIOS update bricked:

          Board Mfg# 16 AUG 12

          Batch# CNBQ28G004


          BIOS update worked:

          Board Mfg# 01 JUN 12

          Batch# CNBQ26100A

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            POST CODE 32

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              You have 17 of these boards !

              This will be an important thread to follow for DZ77BH-55K board owners.

              I also have the DZ77BH-55K, but only had three of them and luckily they all had a successful flash.

              I bought them all on the same day - I'm pleased they sent me the same lot.

              Manufacture date:  April 2012

              Batch: CNBQ24Q018

              Original bios was 0057

              I paired them with the i7-3770K

              I specifically used the Recovery BIOS update method via USB to flash bios using a 'working' USB port.

              Only used (2x4 GB) Corsair 1600 RAM, but specifically had no other PCI slots populated on purpose just to avoid any potential conflicts of/or whatever's during the flash.

              (fwiw, seeing you mention your cpu is hot, one thing I always closely examine the boards CPU Processor Socket pin array with a magnifier, because in the past, and even last week on one of the current boards right out of the box, I noticed 2 of the1600+ thin arched pin arrays were clearly bent/skewed enough even touching adjacent pins and would of Surly caused electrical problems if I had seated the CPU on them! ..I delicately moved them back into the proper alignment with a sharp hardwood toothpick, absolutely using 3x magnifier glasses to do it, and then moved on with the build seating the CPU)


              I know that Intel recommends updating the bios in stages if it's the original 0057 bios, and not going straight to the latest which is (as of today) 0097. I assume they must of seen more instances of success using that method.

              I did it straight from 57 to 97 and got lucky, but perhaps I should have been more conservative.


              Anyway Jesse I very much wish you success on all your DZ77BH-55K boards and hope the techs jump in and help you out.

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                download the original 0057 bios and use the F7\Recovery method to install. Then update in steps:0057 -> 0085 -> 0097

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                  Jesse, the information on the past posts is correct. The POST code 32 is part of the BIOS recovery sequence meaning that the motherboard is looking to flash the BIOS.


                  Try using the recovery method to the same version that you where trying to flash (0097) and then put the BIOS jumper on its original position to check if the motherboard is able to boot.


                  Amy custo0mers are having problems as they are jumping from a really old BIOS version to the newest ones, we always recommend to update the BIOS in steps, Shaun did make a really good recommendation of going first to BIOS version 0085 and then to 0097. Try this with one of the motherboards to see if it will brick it.



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                    @lemurian:  CPU is not really hot, bios update broke something where the m/b thinks the CPU is hot.


                    @Shaun: Unable to use recovery,  m/b does not post. 

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                         With the CPU_HOT LED lit up and the constant beep and no video,  I am pretty sure the bios is no post, and unable to go through the recovery mode.  I have since RMA'd the bricked m/b so I do not have any to test with.  The current 13 PCs with this board are scheduled to be deployed this weekend, so I do not have any window for testing/RMA-ing.  We are very unhappy about the situation that INTEL has put us in, by selling a board which the BIOS doesn't control the RAM properly; and the BIOS update to fix this will brick the m/b.  We bought these to deploy them soon, not in a few months.

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                        Does that mean that the current 13 boards to be deployed this weekend, does this mean that those 13 boards had a successful flash then?

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                          No, it means that I don't have time to RMA them.  I'm stuck with what I have with my fingers crossed.

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                            I'm not exactly clear now what is it that's wrong with the 13 other boards you are deploying this weekend?


                            Is the same thing wrong with each of the 13?  ...and what exactly is it?


                            please, thank you; it would be helpful information.


                            ...I'm rooting for success of the deployment...

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                              I've had a couple blue screens on reboot after installing software.  I see the in 0097 there is a fix for the "Memory voltage is too low".  So that could be a fix.  These are going to engineers who will be stressing them more than I am doing myself, so I am concerned over the success of the deployment.


                              Maybe nothing goes wrong, but I usually see performance increases with new BIOS.

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                                How are you making out Jesse with the deployment...


                                just an fyi, not that I see anything that pertains to your problem, but just an fyi there was a Bios Update released for our board:


                                PRODUCTS: DZ77BH-55K (Standard BIOS)

                                BIOS Version 0098 - BHZ7710H.86A.0098.2013.0206.1447

                                About This Release:

                                • Date: February 6, 2013

                                • ME Firmware: ME8_1.5M_8.1.20.1336

                                • Integrated Graphics Option ROM: 2143

                                • SATA RAID Option ROM: v11.6.0.1702

                                • LAN Option ROM: v1403 PXE 2.1 Build 090

                                New Fixes/Features:

                                • Updated processor support.

                                • Fixed issue where drive icon for Marvell* controller is missing in Windows*.

                                • Fixed issue where after enabling "Force Secure Boot defaults" three keys disappear and Secure Boot Mode is still "Custom".




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