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    DZ77GA70K: graphic card only running at x8 speed


      I have a DZ77GA-70K here (latest Bios 0061)  with an Intel 3770K (not overclocked), 16GB (2x8) memory and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti running Windows 7 Pro 64Bit SP1 with all updates applied, all drivers are up to date. Apart from the graphic card in the first x16 slot (Bios: Slot 6) I have a x1 card in the second x16 slot (Bios: Slot 3). It seems that putting a card in the second x16 slot immediately reduces the speed of the first one?! So my questions are:


      1. Is this behavoiur know and/or normal? Couldn't find anything in the manual.


      2. If it's not normal is there something I can do apart from removing the second card?


      Thanks in advance for all your answers!


      (Since this is not my first problem with add in cards on the board you may want to check that thread, too: http://communities.intel.com/thread/34185 )