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    DX79SI , can not install windows with RAID enabled, only AHCI

      I have a new Intel DX79SI motherboard and i have a single SSD drive and 2 x 1T drives.
      If i set the bios to AHCI, i can install windows fine on ONLY the 4 black 3G SATA port, i can not install windows using the blue 6G ports
      If i set the bios to RAID , i get the error:
      Windows cannot be installed to this disk. the computers hardware may not support booting from this disk
      I have tried with both the SSD drive and the mechanical and i get the same error
      I can not find any options in the BIOS to allow the RAID to be bootable..
      Once windows was installed i then tried going into the bios and setting to RAID, but the system can not find the boot device.
      This seems to be a possible bug in enabling raid on this motherboard....