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    Overclocking and sleep mode with 2011 socket CPUs......

    Eugene Powers

      The problem:

      Overclocking 3930K over 4500Mhz is Ok and it runs stable but....

      Computer will not wake up if sleep mode is entered.

      I have tried 3 Asus 2011 socket motherboards. One actually bricked on wake up!!!!!!!

      So I thought it was Asus's problem but I just found out it isn't so.

      I was at CES and one company was showing computer based on MSI board with 3960x CPU overclocked to 4800Mhz.

      I asked them to put it to sleep and after pressing sleep button computer would not wake up anymore.

      They actually had to reload BIOS to bring it back to life.

      Also, sometimes on some boards enabling C1E creates exactly the same problem even at 4500Mhz.