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    DZ77BH-55K 0097 bios problem




      I flashed the BIOS using F7 on my DZ77BH-55K from 0085 to  0097 version and it would not go past post after it was done.

      After running the update, the PC said "successful" and shut down and then didn't come back on. Just black screen.

      I tried to full recovery method with the BIO file on the root of a USB stick, plugged into a USB 2 port, with the jumper removed then powering up, but no results



      CPU: i5 3330

      RAM: HMT351U6CFR8C-PBN0


      Post Code 15 on MoBo display


      The Board Status LEDs were:

      A, Hard Drive Activity = off

      B, CPU Hot = on

      C, VR Hot = off

      D, Watch Dog Fire / Back to BIOS = off

      E, CPU Initilization = off

      F, Memory Initilization = off

      G, Video Initilization = off

      H, USB Initilization = off

      I, Hard Drive Initilization = off

      J, Option ROM Initilization = off

      K, Operating System Start = off


      Any suggestions welcome.