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    INTEL PLEASE READ - Legacy Free: Possible Future Desktop Board Product Line???


      I sure hope someone from Intel reads this that has the power to make this happen in the company.


      I am a huge supporter of Intel desktop boards and all along I have wanted to see a "legacy free" product line for the hardcore gamer/early adopter crowd.

      You see, most of these folks know EXACTLY what they want when they build their systems and they want to be able to customize EVERYTHING. This is why I firmly believe desktop boards should be a legacy free foundation only ...for these types of users. This would be another way for Intel to keep costs down and simplify production. It would also clean up the board keeping it simple with more room for aftermarket heatsinks. I also suggest making the revision number of the board part of the name and a change list openly posted on the website rather than through PCNs, etc. Require your sellers to post the revision number as currently they are not willing to look for this info on the box when we the customer try to buy the product online.


      Lets look at the DX58SO. This is currently the board marketed towards these folks. How can we make this board into perfection in my mind?


      1. Remove the PCI slot and replace with another PCI-E.

      2. Remove the onboard audio (most all gamers I know of use high-end sound cards)

      3. Remove the onboard LAN (I would rather buy a nice PCI-E Intel NIC)

      4. Offer 6 DIMM slots instead of 4.

      5. Use all solid aluminum capacitors like most all your competition does now.


      This board already removed PS/2, Serial, Parrallel, IDE & Floppy support (good job!).


      So not that many changes. Intel is already on the right path. Just leave all the onboard stuff for the folks that want it. Remove it for us high-end system builders.