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    New drivers for GMA 600?



      i wanted to ask if there will be ever new drivers for the GMA 600? The last released drivers are:

      - 01/16/2012,

      - 04/27/2012,


      these are pretty old. I recently found a Intel video where it was stated that the Z670 would be supported at least till 2015. So i think it would include driver update, or am i wrong? There are still a lot of problems with the latest drivers for Windows 7. Is it really so hard so costumize the EMGD drivers for the Z670?

      The tablet i bought is a windows 7 tablet. I don't really need a Windows 8 driver, but a better Windows 7 driver would be really nice.


      So my questionn remains, will there be an updatet Intel driver for Windows 7, or is this all we're gonna get?

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          At this moment there is no information on plans to release an updated driver for this platform and as you may know we may not common on unreleased software.


          In this case I suggest that you check for an updated driver directly from your system manufacturer which would be customized for your system.