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    New Computer Not Posting.


      Sorry If this is in the wrong forum.     

           I just built a new computer and I have two problems with it.

      System Specs.

      Mobo: Intel DP67BG

      CPU: Intel I5 3570K

      PSU: OCZ 700 watt

      Ram: Patriot Sector 5 DDR3 PC3-12800 1600 1.65volt (4GB)

      HDD: WD Caviar Blue (1TB)

      Optic: LG DVD/CD Burner/Reader

      GPU: EVGA Geforce 660 TI


      1. When I turn on the Power Supply the computer try's to boot up without me Pressing the power Button on the front of the Case. It Just try's to boot.

           At first I thought it might be a faulty Button on the case, So I unplugged it from the Mobo. Hard Booted, Still same problem.  This is the first time I've come across this problem on one of my systems I've built.

      2. The Computer Does not POST. It just reboots.  It does give a Post code 1E.

           After looking at the intel site, I found out. 10 - 1F : Host Processors. (If this helps any)

      I have:

      Cleared the CMOS.

      Reseated the CPU and fan.

      Changed the ram out.

      Took the ram out and restarted with no ram at all. (No Post code Beeps)

      Unpluged the HDD and rebooted. (No Post code Beeps)

      Same with the optics drive.  (No Post code Beeps)

      also Unplugged the GPU and rebooted. same as the others. (No Post code Beeps)

      All still giving.code 1E.

      The only time it changed is when I took the Pin out and let it go into recovery mode. At that point It gave a code 31 and kept running, but nothing happened.  Still did not post.

      Oh, and Yes I started this going into Config mode. Gave 1E there. As well as Normal Mode.

      So... Any Ideas?  Could it be a DoA board?  Any help would be great.  If ya need more info let me know.  But I think I gave all we need that I can think of.Post

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          Hello Gabriel, I recommend you to test with another processor, maybe an older model like a second generation as you may require to update the BIOS on your motherboard in order to use your current processor.


          Also please keep in mind that 1.65v memory is not compatible to work with your processor. You should use 1600MHz memory at 1.5v.