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    HDMI connection from PC to TV give "No Signal"




      I hope somebody can help me to solve my problem.


      I just assembled my new PC. All the components are new. The PC is suppose to work with a HDTV Samsung UE40EH5000 through an HDMI cable.


      When I connect the PC to the TV in the TV I get a message "No Signal".


      Here is my configuration.

      Intel MB DH77DF

      Intel Core i5 3570K

      Corsair 4GB RAM DDR3 Vengeance 1600MH

      SSD OCZ Agility 120 GB

      Case CiT MTX-003B

      HDMI cable 2M HDMI TO HDMI V1.3


      Here is what I already tried.

      Tested HDTV with friend laptop. It works.

      Tested cable and HDMI to DVI adaptor done with friend laptop and with my PC with a monitor. They work.

      Tested MB video ports (HDMI and DVI) using a monitor). They work.


      Test show that TV, PC and cable/adaptor are working separately but doesn't work when used together.


      Because the PC is new there is no OS installed jet so I can't change the resolution, refresh rate or make change to the bios because at the moment I don't have any other monitor.


      Please help me to find a solution.