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    DP35DP-Bios needs 200% of OS-boot-time

    Bill Falk

      I'm using the intel DP35DP mainboard and wanna speed up the boot-process. I red the manual already of course. I think I did tweak all most important settings already to minimize the bootup time. Nevertheless it takes 16-18 seconds until the harddisk is accessed and the operating system begins to start. To speed up boot-time, I put in a corsair F60 SSD which boots up ubuntu in 8 seconds. Now I face the strange situation that the bios needs twice the time the operating system needs to start.


      The manual reads on page 63:



      It is possible to optimize the boot process to the point where the system boots so

      quickly that the Intel logo screen (or a custom logo splash screen) will not be seen. 

      Monitors and hard disk drives with minimum initialization times can also contribute to

      a boot time that might be so fast that necessary logo screens and POST messages

      cannot be seen. 

      This boot time may be so fast that some drives might be not be initialized at all. If

      this condition should occur, it is possible to introduce a programmable delay ranging

      from three to 30 seconds (using the Hard Disk Pre-Delay feature of the Advanced

      Menu in the Drive Configuration Submenu of the BIOS Setup program".


      My question is: How do I get this incredible speedup the manual-writers are talking about?


      Changes I made already to increase bootup-time:


      -Manually set all RAM-related settings to avoid auto-configuration

      -Disabled LAN, Sound, and booting from all non-HDD-media.

      -Set graphics to PCIe manually to disable auto-detect

      -Disabled logging

      -Disabled fan-auto-detection

      -Disabled setup-notification on boot



      ...and maybe some other options, I don't remember right now. However, when I boot the computer, I first see a blank screen with a blinking cursor for about 3 seconds. Afterwards I see the Logo-screen with post-messages in the lower right corner for about ten seconds. Finally, I see a blank screen again and even more POST-messages in the lower right corner for another 3-4 seconds. After a total time of about 18 seconds, the operating system starts to boot.

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          I just measured the time it takes for my DP35DP to complete the post process and boot the OS on an Intel SSD, it's roughly 13 seconds (3 seconds and 10 seconds like what you describe).  I don't think I'm seeing that secondary post message count but have observed the board do that under certain restart conditions.

          If you have an optical drive, try unplugging it from the motherboard, they can introduce a delay. Also unplug any USB devices such as card readers and external backup drives. They can also add to the boot time.

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            Bill Falk

            The 2nd POST-messages display "BA" most of the time. The manual reads BA means "Detecting presence of removable media". It's true I have two BD-drives and a card-reader installed. It's connected to an internal USB-header. I will try unplugging them. However, if this is the reason for the delay I have a problem because I actually need them.

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              Bill Falk

              I just plugged out both: Optical drives and Cardreader. There is no speedup during post. I used a stopwatch: 18 seconds until HDD-access, no matter if removable-drives are plugged-in or not.