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    Disable Intel WiDi




      I have a Dell XPS 14Z with Intel HD Graphics 3000. If I try to Duplicate my display (say on the laptop screen and to a projector plugged in via mini display-port -- VGA adapter) the only setup I can get it to recognize is Built-In Display + Intel WiDi. The only ways I can use the external projector or a monitor is to do either Extend display or use only the 2nd monitor (no built-in display).


      This is really really annoying as I present to groups a lot and would like to have the display cloned both on my laptop screen as well as displaying via the projector. I never use the WiDi and was hoping it was as simple as disabling that function so that it would clone out to the projector. I can't find the option to disable the WiDi technology.


      Anyone have any ideas??


      Thanks in advance,


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          Thank you for your post

          I understand that you have questions in regards the Intel® Wireless Display.

          If you are not going to use the Intel® Wireless Display software you can go to control panel, Programs, Programs and features, Uninstall or change a program and then you can uninstall the Intel® Wireless Display software.

          I hope this helps

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            Thank you for your repsonce. However, when I go to Control Panel, Programs, Programs and Features, Uninstall or Change A Program


            The only thing I see listed that has Intel in the name is "Intel (r) HD Graphics Driver"


            I do not see anything labeled  Intel® Wireless Display software or Wireless Display software