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    RAID Config help


      help  I have two SATA III SSD's (240GB each) and One HDD (1TB, also SATA III). I'm trying to set up a RAID 1 or 5 configuration with them, but
      the HDD doesn't show in the Rapid Storage Technology app to allow me to select it as one of the drives that I want included in the array.


      The motherboard has the Z68 Express Chipset, PCI Express 3.0,  and two SATA III controllers (JMicron's JMB36X and Marvell's 91XX
      SATA 6G).


      Disk1 is an SSD and has Windows 7 PRO on it; The 2nd SSD (Disk2), is currently blank, and the 3rd disk, (Disk0) is the HDD with 4
      partitions, 250GB's each and has system backups on one partition, music, photos, videos on another, etc. (disk numbers are as shown in Disk Management).


      I have installed the latest drivers for everything, and the Rapid Storage Technology app is installed and ready to configure RAID, (with
      the exception of the HDD not showing),  I'm currently running RAID mode in BIOS, but haven't configured any arrays.


      The two SSD's are connected to the JMicron controller on ports 1,2, and the HDD to the Marvell controller as disk 0, but that shouldn't
      make a difference, since both controllers as well as all the disks are SATA III, right?


      Why doesn't the HDD show?...it shows on Disk Management and Windows Explorer, and it works just fine!...I want the HDD included in RAID for
      its storage capacity and the SSD's for performance, so I've got to figure it out.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated in advance.



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          Doesn't Intel Rapid Storage Technology need the array of drives it manages to all be attached to the same RAID controller (like the ICH10R for example or one of the others that it supports), and not split between 2 different controllers like in your configuration?

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            Is this what you think my problem is, or are you asking ???

            Your response looks like a question to me...

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              Dr. Strangelove,

              Thanks for your replies, and yes, my mobo is an ASUS P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3. Also, thanks for the link.

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                Due to a Forum s/w problem not showing my response in this thread, I'm re-posting my 1/30/13 response to OP's post #2 to aid readability.  David


                Jess, you didn't say what mobo you're using, but from the RAID controllers you mentioned coupled with the Z68 chipset I'd say an ASUS.  I do think what I said could be your problem as I saw this stated on a different forum:


                "After the OS is installed, you install the ISRT software and management

                software. And the technology will only work on INTEL drive controllers -- not

                Marvel or JBMicron."


                I've included the link to the thread on the other forum for your reference.