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    DC3217IYE drive compat and entering BIOS

    Ben woskje

      So i picked up  DC3217IYE along with 4GB of ram and a kingmax mSATAII 32GB mSSD.


      Tried to install windows, added mass storage driver (win7) - still no drives show up. "Better check the BIOS" i thought.


      After finding out that the BIOS screen wont display on 3 monitors or my TV via denon reciever, i plugged the unit directly into the TV and got display at BIOS time (yay).... found that every time i hit F2 the system just reboots. I updated the BIOS, still the same issue.


      So, in short

      1) how the hell do you get into the BIOS on these things, since it just reboots constantly ?

      2) Is there a known drive compatability issue with the kingmax drives ?


      Very disappointed intel - i was quite excited about getting this little box.... perhaps less money on the "intel sound" when you open the box and more money on being able to get into the BIOS would have been wise.