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    Older integrated graphics drivers for Windows 8 : we need them


      I recently upgraded to Windows 8 Pro on my 2 PCs. Previously was running Windows 7 Pro.


      One is a Dell 1525 latptop with the GM965 chipset and X3100 graphics.

      To my surprise, no drivers are available from Intel for Windows 8 !


      The stock Microsoft driver is buggy, has crappy OpenGL performance, won't allow proper resolutions on external monitors...

      It might work for basic single display duties on grandma's laptop, but fails under any more serious scenario.


      Morever, that much needed driver was available for Windows 7 and worked flawlessly (for me anyways).

      So I tried the very same driver on Windows 8, but the install fails.


      What is it that changed SO MUCH between Windows 7 and Windows 8 that make this driver not work anymore ??

      It's not like we're trying to port a Windows ME x86 driver to Windows 8 x64 or something !!!

      It's Windows 7 vs 8, dammit !


      Or is it more a case of Intel not wanting to do anything at all to help their user base ???


      Yesterday I checked my buddy's build for Windows 8 compatibility. The 7 years old GeForce is still supported by nVidia just as if it had been released last week.


      Where are your drivers, Intel ?