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    Dead SROMBSAS18E - what are my options?


      Morning folks, I have a 3 year old S5000PSLROMBR server board in a SC5299BRP chassis, in which the RAID controller, SROMBSAS18E (which was connected to a AXX6DRV3GEXP) 6 drive SAS backplane) has died, thankfully, I had the data backed up, up to 7am of the morning it died, and I have another identical card from a different server, which I temporarily put in place of the dead one, to transfer the rest of the day's data off the array.


      The question I have now though is what, if any, RAID controller can I get to replace the dead one permanently?, given I am highly unlikely to be able to find a un-used SROMBSAS18E anymore.


      Gaining access to the existing array isn't critical, though would save me a lot of work, the main thing is just getting back to a RAID setup, utilising the kit I already own.


      Thanks in advance.