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    i5-3317u utilization does not exceed 47%


      Hello dear forum,


      I come with an interesting issue on my Asus S400 Vivobook. My Intel i5-3317u ULV processor works wonderfully, usually, unless I PLUG IT IN. That's right. If I plug in my laptop, I have to SHUT DOWN the computer, wait a sec, and turn it back on. Restart does not work. Unplugging while it's off doesn't work. If It's unplugged, no problem, or if it's working while plugged in, all good. But if it's unplugged for even a second, the issue arises, and I will have to plug it in, shut it off, and turn it on again.


      The issue is that my cores won't go over 47% utilization. Obviously, then, Turbo Boost won't kick in, and the performance becomes oddly abysmal. I came a long distance from bad game performance -> to no turbo boost -> to now figuring out that I'm maxing at 47%. So if I run 1 thread on PRIME95 no core is maxed, but running 4 threads maxes them at 47% with a solid flat line. If everything were running normal, they'd all be at 100%, like right now.


      I reinstalled the chipset driver- from the Asus website, updated the BIOS, and of course checked the power settings . Although I'm always on balanced, which is customized to be the same on AC and Battery.


      Any thoughts on what I should do? Thanks from Vienna,