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    Should I add a WiFi/BT card to my YE NUC? Memory?


      Just bought a NUC ( dual HDMI/ethernet) system. Very cool. I also got one 4 gig RAM module (Kingston) and a 64gig mSATA SSD (Kingston). I will be using a wired connection for networking. I don't really want to keep installing things, so does installing the Intel 6235 wifi/bt card increase the chances of heat problems and lockups? This seemed to be an issue with some reviews.


      I am planning on running a 32 bit OS ( win7 or 8). Can the NUC support one ram module ( 4 gigs) or must it be 2 2 gigs modules?


      My main aim is to have a quiet ( so that I can't hear the fan) system. I would like the 6235 wifi/bt card for completeness, but it is not absolutely necessary, especially if it leads to any instability.


      Finally, is it obvious how to attach this to a 55" HDTV? The plate that the NUC attaches to does not seem to be able to attach to the TV. The screws are not in the correct place. Does one need to buy a larger VESA plate and attach the smaller included one to that?


      Really liked the tune on opening the box. Made buying the unit worthwhile!