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    Curious choice: usb2 instead of usb3

    Jwahar Bammi

      Just curious: given the year 2012 release target, why did the hardware designer choose usb2 instead of usb3 ( Thunderbolt in the Y board not withstanding ).

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          I agree, USB 3.0 was used instead of USB 2.0 this would really be a slam dunk product(at least if all the QA issues were fixed ). 


          I'm also not sure the combinations of connectors on the various variations make the most sense.   For example, on the black unit it would have made more sense to have a HDMI + thunderbolt/display port combination instead of dual HDMI. I can sort of understand why only one model has a wired ethernet jack because many people are going to use wireless only, but wireless can be problematic and unreliable at times so some times it's nice to still have a wired jack.

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