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    DZ77GA-70K: problem with lowest PCIEx slot (x4)


      Hi all, I have a DZ77GA-70K here (latest Bios 0061)  with an Intel 3770K (not overclocked), 16GB (2x8) memory and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti running Windows 7 Pro 64Bit SP1 with all updates applied, all drivers are up to date. Everything works perfect  except for one thing:


      When I install an addon card in the lowest PCIEx slot Windows shows the Safely remove hardware icon in the system tray and offers to remove a PCI-to-PCI Bridge ? The installed card works as expected but it's kind of annoying to see the message. Everything in the Device Manager is fine. As soon as I put the card in another PCIEx slot the message is gone. Tried different cards with the same result.


      Anybody here seen something like that? Would disabling onboard components solve the issue? Or is the behaviour related to the Bios revision? Thank you all for your help in advance!