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    Intel 520 180GB Installation issue

    Bruce Kirby

      I am attempting to install an Intel SSD 520 180GB in my Gateway MT6841 laptop.   I am running Windows 7 Ultimate ( 32bit ).   The current hardrive is a WD 320GB.   I purchased the hardrive and an Apricorn USB to SATA  cable to assist in my installation.   I was able to clone my hardrive to the Intel 520 180 GB using the EZ Gig IV software.   Unfortunately none of the Intel utilites ( SSD Toolbox, Firmware Upgrade Utility)  see this drive as an SSD drive.  Windwos see the drive as a USB attached storage.   When I attempted to boot from the SSD drive, there was no bios setting allowing me to implement the ACHI option.   The boot process took an extremely long time, when it finally completed Windows responded that the system was flawed and needed to be repaired / re-installed.   I removed the Intel SSD and re-installed the original harddrive.  Windows 7 booted up in the normal time and everything checked out.   I re-formatted the Intel SSD drive and it's now empty.   I would like to use this drive in my laptop as it would be an upgrade.  Is the issue with no bios setting for ACHI the problem?   Should I do a clean install of Windows 7 / 8 to the Intel SSD drive and try again?   Why won't the Intel utilities see the drive as an SSD drive?  Thanks in advance for any assistance or suggestions.

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          Difficult to say what's going wrong with your install. James from Intel has an excellent video on how to install an SSD in a notebook, maybe watching it will help:


          Intel SSDs - Beyond the Box: Data Migration and Hardware Installation - YouTube

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            Bruce Kirby

            Brad,  thanks for the link.   I reviewed the information you provided.  I have updated multiple desktop PCs with SSDs and all have gone smooth, no issues.  That is one of the reasons I thought I would update my laptop, the desktop updates were so easy.   I re-formatted the SSD drive and attempted to use the Intel Data Migration too, unfortunately this tool did not see my SSD drive.   I then used the EZ Gig IV tool to migrate the data from my HDD.   The copy was successful so I replaced the HDD with the SSD.  Windows took over 4 minutes to boot.   Whenever I attempt to open a file or start an application it takes more than 15 - 30  seconds to complete any of these tasks.   I did manage to install the Intel SSD Toolbox.   This application does see my SSD as an Intel SSD drive.  I have run the SSD Optimizer, Quick Diagnostic Scan, System Tuner, System Information, Firmware Update and I am currently executing the Full Diagnostic Scan.  Everything is much slower.  I checked the Intel site to see if there were any updated drivers that I needed.   This does not appear to be the issue.  My gut feeling is this is some sort of bios issue, but there are not many options to change.  Any advice or suggestions is appreciated...... thanks

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              Just checked the specs of your laptop, it has a 1st generation SATA1 interface while the 520 SSD has a SATA3 interface. The specs say it's backward compatible although you will only see the performance of the host.


              Try putting the SSD into the laptop and do a clean install of Windows 7, preferably using a disk that has SP1.  See how the drive behaves after the first boot. If the BIOS and/or the Windows installer doesn't see the drive things aren't looking hopeful.

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                Bruce Kirby

                Thanks for the suggestion.  I may try that but I'm leaning towards building a new desktop and I may use the SSD for that build.  Both of my laptops are older and won't make use of the SATA3 interface on the SSD whereas the desktop has the newer SATA3 controller.   I'll update this post with how I fix the performance issue.... thanks