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    Intel 82576 Datasheet Mistake (SR-IOV section)

    Dmitry Parfenov


      I found little mistake in Intel 82576 Datasheet (http://download.intel.com/design/network/datashts/82576_Datasheet.pdf).

      Section 6.2.24 of then says that "Loaded from EEPROM" value is "0x00F7", but at some motherboards (e.g. Supermicro B8DTT) really loaded value is 0x00F5 (as hardware default).

      This issue related with some problem with SR-IOV support on Ubuntu: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/790201

      The workaround of this problem is patching linux kernel, but I hope that this can be avoided with correct Datasheet and release updates for our EEPROM.


      Best regards.


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          Thanks for posting to the forum.  I'll do some digging, however from what I can tell thus far, the default value is still what we use as default in our retail devices.  When a LOM (LAN On Motherboard) is placed on a motherboard, the system manufacturer usually modifies it for thier needs, including any BIOS workarounds.


          If memory serves, this issue was BIOS related and the change in the EEPROM was done by some server manufactures as a workaround.   However I will go do some research and double check.


          - Patrick

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            Dmitry Parfenov

            Ok, thanks.
            I contacted the manufacturer about this problem a few months ago, but has not received a reply from them.
            However, manually change this setting according to Datasheet solved the problem.

            Thanks again for your reply.

            Best regards,