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    No video on DX79SR


      I have been trying to deal with this for the last 5 hours, to no avail.

      I have rebuilt a new computer with a DX79SR motherboard, however, nothing I do will provide video.

      I thought maybe I messed up a component, so I went back to the old motherboard, and everything works.

      I have reseated everything at least three times (cpu only twice), even started with minimal (and at one time, almost nothing) connected to see if there was an issue with something.

      The computer powers on, fans spin, LEDs light up (although after a few seconds, some change: after about 10sec, the blue HD activity light turns off, the Memory Initialization blinks green, and video initialization stays solid green; nothing else)..
      I cannot find any documentation or feedback as to what that means, and why there is no LED light on for the OS/ROM/etc...


      Regardless, I cannot get any video, so I am not even sure where in the boot sequence the computer makes it to (I know it doesn't go all the way to windows).

      The only beep is the 1/2sec beep at the very beginning, from which I read, is good news.


      Other than that, i am at a loss.  If anyone has any idea or thought I may have overlooked, please advise.
      Thank you