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    Audio card for s5000psl?


      Hey guys, long time lurker, well second or third time poster.


      I'm in the midst of a decent s5000 build, utilizing the following setup



      2x L5420 2.5ghz quads

      AMD 5750 1gb

      16gb ibm/hynix ddr2

      some sort of SAS card from a dell

      Server 08 SP2

      and NO audio card


      and I need one. I've tried putting two questionable Sound Blaster Audigy cards in to no avail. What kind of sound cards are PSL users running in their machines? I would like to avoid using a PCI-e card because it could block the cooling fan for the AMD graphics card.


      Other than that, I seemed to have worked out all the usual teething issues from the s5000 series, quite the performer if you get them tuned right. I've got a second XVN with dual quad 3.4's now and it's an absolute beast, this one is a mobile gaming platform I built to take to LAN parties and host games with the option to run a "listen" server where I host and play too.



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          As far as I know, Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 4 has been tested on S5000PSL, model number 70SB061000000.

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            Success!!!! Just wasn't holding my mouth right I guess, but a friend has mentioned to me about re-inserting the card several times to clean the contacts on the board, and now it works. Went with one of the original Audigy 2 cards, in particular an Audigy 2 ZS, all systems are nominal. Even managed to get the little front audio panel that goes with it.


            This machine is ready to go whoop some tail in Unreal 3 now.