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    Where is Intel's archive of older drivers?




      Lately I've been occasionally playing only two games. A few months ago there was an Intel HD Graphics 3000 driver update that didn't work well with one of those games. I uninstalled it and went back to using the earlier driver. Recently I noticed there was another driver update- ( for Windows 7 and 8 64-bit (the installer is named Win64_152812.exe) so I installed it. Now both games don't reliably work and I want to go back to that last driver that worked OK with the two games. Unfortunately I couldn't find the installer that I downloaded earlier so I went to Intel's download center to find another copy of the installer. However, now Intel's site only shows the most current version of the driver and one earlier release. Both of those versions don't reliably work with both of the games I've been playing. Does Intel keep an archive of older drivers? Where is it? Did I miss a little check box or radio button that would have enabled an option which would have let me see the older versions of the driver?