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    Sporadic HDMI drops with DC3217IYE


      I have sporadic HDMI issues with my DC3217IYE when it's connected over an AVR receiver (Denon AVR 4311) to my LCD TV (Sony X4500) and the receiver is in HDMI-passthrough mode (standby). Every now and then, the screen goes black for a short while and the TV displays the HDMI input - just as the input was disconnected for a while or the resolution changed.


      When I connect the NUC directly to the TV or when I switch on the receiver (instead of standby passthrough), this doesn't seem to happen. Also I never observed this when I play a video or game on the NUC. Indeed it happens always while surfing or even when the desktop is completely idle.

      I tried different cables and HDMI inputs on the TV as well as HDMI inputs and ouputs on the receiver. Also I tried to disable CEC on the TV, enabled/disabled more or less every feature in the settings of the HD4000 driver including different refresh rates from 24p to 60p. However, sooner or later I get the issue.


      Drivers and BIOS are updated with the newest versions. Also the AV-Receiver has the latest available firmware update.

      As a side note: I used the HDMI-passthrough in standby for quite a quile with different devices and never observed this issue.

      It happens only with the NUC.


      System info:

      Sony X4500 HD-TV via HDMI (Full-HD)

      Denon AVR 4311 via HDMI (HDMI passthrough in standby enabled)

      Win 7 Pro

      Graphics Driver:

      Chipsset driver:

      BIOS Update: GKPPT10H.86A


      Note: I can work around this by connecting both HDMI outputs and connecting one to the AVR receiver (to watch movies etc. with surround sound) and one directly  to the TV to surf etc. without the described issue and without having to fully switch on the receiver. Yet when activating the second display (clone feature), the NUC idle consumption is increased by 1-2W which I want to avoid since its main purpose is a low-energy MP3 sever.

      So I currently use STRG-ALT-F4 to switch HDMI outputs (blindly) which seems to be an acceptable workaround. Yet I still hope there is a solution for the issue so I don't need to work around it any more...

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          Hi, I'm having similar problems, but not at random times, only when I wake the NUC from sleep. And the HDMI signal is also going though an AV receiver, which may or may not be on (passthrough or not). Most of the time, it happens when I wake the NUC from sleep, and only the TV is on (while the receiver was still on when the NUC went to sleep). The NUC does not seem to like to switch HDMI outputs apparently. But lately, it happens more often, almost every time I wake the NUC from sleep, and its annoying. Only solution is a hard reboot. That was my $0.02.


          One question I have is what is STRG in " STRG-ALT-F4". I dont know this shortcut, and it sounds very interesting?!

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            Well, this doesn't sound too much like my problem.

            Anyway, "Ctrl+Alt+F4" is the default hotkey combination of the Intel graphics driver to "activate digital display". Indeed it also switches between the 1st and 2nd HDMI output.

            Dumb of me to have written "STRG" instead of "CTRL" (the "STRG" key is the equivalent for "CTRL" on a German keyboard).


            As a side note, I could observe the HDMI drop with a fullscreen 24p application (with some animation) in the meantime. So it's not an issue of static contents as I originally assumed. Still hope someone from Intel will look into this...

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              For the protocol: today my Denon AVR 4311 wanted to upgrade its firmware so I let it do that. Indeed this was the first update I ever installed since the receiver was pretty mature as I bought it and in the meantime it's considered an "obsolete" product. So I was kinda surprised that there was an update and kinda hoped this could maybe fix the HDMI issues. Unfortunately it didn't. The behavior is still exactly as described above.