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    Windows 8 on older motherboards


      I loaded Windows 8 onto a one-year-old DH67BL and was a little surprised to see that I had immediate network connectivity.  I knew that W-8 included native USB 3.0, so the Renesas drivers are no longer needed, but I thought I would certainly need to load the chipset and network drivers at a minimum.


      I would appreciate if someone could explain the driver situation for W-8.  W-8 clearly includes generic chipset and network drivers, but should I download them from intel.com and install them via USB flash drive?


      And what about the graphics and management-engine drivers; should those be downloaded from intel.com and installed via USB flash drive or just allow Windows to do it?  I ask this because I once tried to install only chipset and management-engine drivers from the CDROM, but then Windows Update did not list the graphics driver in the update list.