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    Best way to update BIOS DH77EB




      I'm starting a build based on the DH77EB with the following:



      2x4GB Samsung MV-3V4G3D/US R

      Intel 330 128GB SSD

      WD Blue 1TB HDD

      Antec EA-380D PSU

      WIN 7 (likely) or 8 (less likely)


      My question is : Is it possible and/or preferable to update the board's BIOS to the 0098 version before loading the OS?, or is it better to install the OS  first and see what if any problems there are?


      As to methodology; should I use the F7 flash with a USB stick? The Recovery method is mentioned in some posts, but the documentation suggests its for restoring BIOS from an interrupted or corrupted update.


      I'd appreciate any advice!

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          I would recommend updating before you install the OS by using a bootable USB flash drive.  However, it won't hurt to update it later as motherboards usually ship with a fairly stable BIOS. 


          One thing I would recommend is making sure your SATA port is set for AHCI mode.  Most new boards default to that now, but worth checking.

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            Thanks for the response -- I'll go ahead and update before installing the OS with a bootable stick then.


            I got the board today -- there's a flyer inside marked "Attention" which has among other things information about driver and BIOS updates which concludes with "Intel recommends that you download and keep your system updated with the latest BIOS."


            The download center says however: "Update the BIOS on your computer only if the newer BIOS version specifically solves a problem you have. We do not recommend BIOS updates for computers that do not need it."


            I'm definitely inclined to leave it alone if I get it all working OK.

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              @ itx_user, please explain more why you recommend to use ACHI mode, thanks


              @ jaydub, I know it !  ..the flyer says to keep your MB & Bios upgraded, and the website says don't do the Bios.


              In my humble opinion I think the website (and the forum techs) tell us not to do the Bios as a general disclaimer protection for the simple fact that as we have read all over these forums that so many people brick their MB updating their Bios...because of all reasons why it happens, and so obviously they want to avoid that; but the frustrating part for us the customers is that we need the fixes that the new Bios offers, but have no foolproof way in all the varied situations to upgrade the bios safely with confidence we won't brick the board.

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                Just to update: I did the build on 1-21-13, and before I went to bed, updated the BIOS to 0098 using the Recovery method. Worked fine, although I was concerned about not hearing any POST beep either before or after the update. Still don't get any POST beeps!


                Anyway, I installed all the above hardware in an Antec 3340 case, and I'd have to say that it was the most satisfying build I've ever done. Installed Win 8 Pro (made workable with Classic Shell), Office 2013, and other stuff -- and it all went absurdly smoothly, and it all functions so smoothly -- at least so far. This rig is for my wife, but I was reluctant to let her have it!

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                  Congrats jaydub,

                  I'm happy with mine too.  I also use Classic Shell, etc...

                  I don't remember any post beeps...