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    vPro PC requirements





      For the 2010 1156 platform, the following processors are vPro-capable:


      Core i5-650, 660, 670, 680

      Core i7-860, 860s, 870, 870s, 880


      MATX board:

      Executive DQ57TM Desktop Board + ATI 4350 or similar / I7 870 (Support for up to 16 GB)




      For the 2012 1155 IVY platform, the following processors are vPro-capable:

      i5 3570 (hd2500)

      i7 3770 (hd4000)


      For the 2011 1155 SANDY platform, the following processors are vPro-capable:

      Intel Core i5-2500 (Max TDP 95W, HD3000), i5-2400S (65W. HD2000), i5-2400 (95W, HD2000), and i7-2600 (95W, HD3000).



      Two 1155 boards, 1 MITX and 1 MATX


      MITX: (only PCi 2.0)

      INTEL DQ77 mitx S1155 Q77/vpro//USB3/Mini-ITX/bulk (Support for up to 16 GB)/dual lan/hdmi/dp4 usb3/ firewire

      Socket 1155 Mini-ITX Motherboard with vPro Remote Management




      MATX Dual lan / link aggregetion and all features

      Intel Desktop Board DQ77MK (Support for up to 32 GB)




      Read up on V-PRO



      http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/command-conquer,1591.html (VPRO)






      Android Vpro APP






      Msata SSD roundup:








      lian li itx q05 case




      mitx, thin, msata, i7 3770 or i7 3770s, check out that cooler to. this is the corporate pc of tomorrow.



      The Case for Thin Mini-ITX and the Intel DQ77KB - brycv.com




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          Hi there,


          In order to build a vPro Capable PC you need 2 building components:


          1.vPro Ready CPU (i5 or i7 mainly Standard and Low Voltage models with S designation) like i5-3570, i5-3470s, etc

          2.Series 6 (DQ67EP, DQ67SW) or Series 7 (DQ77MK, DQ77KB) Executive Intel Desktop Boards or Q67 - Q77 in general.


          Thus your findings are correct. Core i3 are not capable of supporting vPro even if you install them on a vPro Capable board.

          You need both building blocks to be vPro ready.