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    S1200BTLR Motherboard POST Error 0x70 DXE SB Initialization


      I am having trouble booting a server I just built with the S1200BTLR motherboard.


      The Processor I have is Intel Xeon E3-1245v2

      Originally the power on the motherboard would turn on and immediately poweroff I would get a 1-5-4-2 Beep Code from the motherboard from this fault.


      I troubleshooted and disconnected all the components except for CPU & RAM  and nothing changed.


      Finally I pulled out the 32GB of RAM I had of DDR3-1600 ECC UDIMMs of Black Diamond RAM  completely and the System and the power would stay on but the system stop the post after 3 Beeps. Signaling a memory error. This memory was supposedly tested and verified with this motherboard.


      So I found some DDR3-1333 non-ecc memory I had lying around to test that. And the next post error I get is 0111000 0x70. What does this error mean?


      Also the only other comment I can make is the processor i'm using isn't listed as compatible with this model of the S1200BT motherboard series I do see it under the S1200BTLRM as supported but that board isn't really available.


      I'd still assume that the E3-1245v2 processor should work on the S1200BTLR motherboard since they are identical from what I can tell.


      I was comparing the product I have and a similar processor that is supported on the BTLR board. I see no differences so I think the processor shoudl be fine.




      Any help is appreciated.