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    RAID 1 SSD has frequent verifying and rebuilding on reboot


      Dell/Alienware Aurora R4, setup with Kingston HyperX 240GB SSD x 2 (RAID 1) and Windows 7 x64.  Brand new installation.

      Using Intel RST enterprise


      Upon startup, the Intel RST Option ROM shows all RAID volumes as NORMAL (OK).

      Upon entering into Windows and logging in, the RST tray icon show with the circle until the service starts (Which by default is Automatic delayed).

      Upon RST running, HALF THE TIME, the icon will show hour glass and start the verifying and repairing phase on the SSD RAID1. 

      At the completion of the rebuild, the Parity Error and Blocks with media errors are both ZERO (0).


      I can shut down and restart and it will be fine.  Then the next time, it does the same thing again.  As long as I let the repair process complete, the boot-time option ROM always shows NORMAL for the RAID status.


      What could the problem be?  I've setup a jillion computers and notebooks with RST and RAID and never have had a problem like this.


      Thanks for any advice.